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With you have to drop your habbit of masturbation. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity. Archived from the original on December 17, Thank you for your feedback. Hi sara im 15 and i just finished my nofap for a week and ifapped earlier and i notice i cummed alot like alot than before is this normal? Sara SDx June 20, at 2: Joe March 8, at 5:

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Particularly, there are quite a few guys who worry about frequent masturbation, and if it harms reproductive health.

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Semen quality

I am a 19 year male. Please do give your feedback after a month. NotYourAverageBear March 10, at 3: This is all bull crap. The problem of semen leakage comes along with side-effects like excessive fatiguehair losstesticular painback painpelvic cavity crampingweak erection and premature ejaculation. Long-term stress is also suggested. Semen slips out or leaks out of the shaft without an erection causing great frustration for the male.

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sperm comes out when crap
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sperm comes out when crap
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