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Meanwhile, the bigger and stronger the right gets, the more insular we become, single-mindedly obsessed with purifying our own ranks and weeding out the problematic among us. As early as January, many leftists expressed skepticism about calls for a general strike, but by March there was a self-justifying urgency to defend the tactic against all doubts. Sometimes this will be illegal. Meanwhile, other unions have cozied up to Silicon Valley by throwing their principles out the window. Or should I just stay with Amber, god this is a hard choice, I guess I'll see which one of the girls I like better. Sometimes workers will have to camp out and occupy workplaces. The microcosms still need to be organized every bit helpsand established unions can be refreshed and steered toward radical ends.

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All Worked Up and Nowhere to Go

After a notoriously failed strike effort, the Communications Workers of America cleaned house, replaced an incompetent leadership, assessed their failure, and regrouped. Off-duty drivers even showed up to hold down the lot. Sofia, James, what's under the sheet? In my little lefty circles, these concerns were not received graciously. Cartoons Sofia the First.

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