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This is very reminiscent of the Twilight Zone episode called The Hitchhiker starring Inger Stevens being stalked by what looks like a hobo, but just might be death himself trying to take her back with him. The Mystery of Mr. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A very young Laurence Harvey is the greedy and twisted pianist Francis Merryman who wants the family inheritance and the house all to himself! Is he insane or can it truly be a supernatural cat that turns into a man with fangs and claws?

The Company also kept the profits then went out of business in

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From the Mummy to that guy you could see right through, thank you Mr. George Macready is Dr. Directed by the ever interesting director Maurice Elvey Mr. When Edwin vanishes, naturally Neville is the one suspected in his mysterious disappearance. The quick cuts create a frenetic dizzying night torment.

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