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He worked at her harder, pressing his body flush against hers, loving the feeling of bare skin on bare skin. When she saw no crack in Sara's demeanor she decided to keep up her experiment, "It was Grissom, so I guess we know that rumor is true," she said, anxious to see the younger woman's reaction. Who is David Hodges? Nobody slept, or stopped looking for anything we could use to find you, and all I could think about was what if I never got the chance…". Sara helped him shed the shirt from her body, leaving her only in a matching bra and panties. Unable to hide his smile he softly moved his hands up her legs and started to rub his thumb and index finger against her panties. The connection was deep and mind-blowing.

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It was nice to work with someone with so much enthusiasm, who's not jaded yet.

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Fanfic Request/Ideas, Recommendation & Showcase

Who is David Hodges? Willing herself to keep her emotions at bay while she was at work Sara felt a dull ache in her heart as she realized that she had lost any chance with the man she had loved since college, the only man she would ever love. She began to toy nervously with the edge of the pillow now lying between her and Nick, until Nick stilled them gently, laying his hand over hers. Tony meets his potential soulmate at a law-enforcement conference in Vegas and is also offered a chance to work with and for one of his heroes. This could be a good thing. Was that too much to ask?

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csi fan fiction mature
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