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It turns out Christmas cards are not just a kind gesture, they can hold very valuable and significant details about history. Your Location change location. December 24, Letter. Published in The European. A repressive political environment in Bangladesh ahead of the December 30, national elections is undermining the credibility of the process.

Across years, most of the people killed in bushfires died on just nine days ABC News More than years worth of data about when, where and why people have died in bushfires can tell us a lot about how to… More.

Grab your pool floaties ’cause we’re failing into the deep end (17 GIFs)

Our Picks What's the score in the cricket? November 29, News Release. He publicly admitted he was homosexual but was rebuked by the gay community, which accused him of tying his sexual identity to the allegations. December 24, Dispatches. The Australian cricket season is a mess.

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