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You are not logged in. She feared the dark once, but now she was no longer afraid of it. Leon toyed with the ring. His near naked body was far too scrawny and everyone said he was small for his age. The tears of an unexplainable loathsome passion; the unwanted arousal during her rape returning with a perverse vengeance. While my better sense wanted me to look away, some irresistible force drew my vision to his privates. Had his mother been raped?

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Your Story brilliant and I am so looking forward to the "dirty" part.

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The shop was small, cluttered and rather dingy, but full of interesting mystical charms, stones, jewelry, tarot and occult books and strange artifacts. The visual effects are super low budget circa s but its tonality is wonderfully perverse. He thought about the rape ritual… Could that be his birth right? John was still small and barely developed. It is dirty, and hot, hot, HOT!!

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