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Some may perceive this movie as a simplistic one-joke affair because it kind of isand the film does have trouble sustaining its raucous energy, but the solid laughs and inventiveness manage to compensate for the minor blunders. So Black Dynamite is forced to take down the mob and clean up the ghetto. Overall though, this is a comedy for those that know the blaxploitation genre because it recreates and affectionately mocks it from within. If I didn't know better, i'd think this was actually made in the 70's. Even before watching Black Dynamite, I thought of him as a great actor.

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White is particularly good — handsome and gruff to order, but yet his timing is very good.

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So you end up feeling as if the film was just unearthed after being lost for thirty years or so and you accept it. Everything here is so period accurate it's not funny! It has all the elements from the eclectic hair and clothing all bellbottoms and afro's to the over-color exposure and groovy soundtrack all of which was composed by Adrian Young. With the boom mic deliberately left in shots for comedic effect, and the hugely exaggerated facial expressions of the cast, you can't help but laugh with them, and imagine how much fun the film must have been to make. Jai James ebony pussy getting railed by Danny D.

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